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sorry i only date pokemon masters

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((And I’m home))

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If there was an OFF fandom nude tag similar to homestucks “nudestuck.” It would probably be tagged/called “Clothes OFF”.

Let’s make this a thing from now on.

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Re: Secure_


As she kicks you and punches, you fight back— digging your toes into her legs for balance, though most of that is lost rather quickly when the two of you collide with the railing of the Second Floor.

You lose a lot of your gained ground in the impact, only staying on thanks to the deep embedding of your claws in the base of her wings. The two of you are falling again, rather quickly, and before you know it you’ve both hit the ground.

You’re thrown from her in the impact, up and over due to the angle, and land rather hard on your own back. For a moment you lay there, gasping, panting, and attempting to fight through the electricity in your chest. Again you cough, sputtering and bringing your hands up to grip at your chest.

You wheeze out a few more gasps before moving, trying to get to your feet.

Of course, the spell was still very much in effect and your feet slid around as though you were standing on a pad of butter. You resort back to your hands and knees, huffing out air through your nose before you bound towards Callie again, locking your hands around her throat and bearing your needle-like fangs with a growl.

The impact knocks the breath from you,and a bit of your senses. You don’t realize quite yet that she’s off off of you, just that the awful pain at your back was… well, it wasn’t gone but there wasn’t more being added. You lay there breathing hard, trying to collect yourself quickly enough to get back on your feet before she did. Your grip on your wand felt like iron, fisted against the handle like some action toy’s. You’re aware of the blood now running down your back, and the cuts from clawed toes down your legs. Yeah, you’d definitely be replacing this suit, it was beyond repair now.

With a grunt you pull yourself up. Your legs are trembling a bit from the fall. You’re glad to know the spell is still in effect, and you try to put distance between the two of you. Your wings were in no shape to start flapping, so you didn’t even try going up. But somehow, she’s still faster than you, and you’re stumbling back again, this time with her hands at your throat. You make a noise, like a scream getting caught in your throat, and you jab your wand up at her belly. Your face contorts to something like a snarl, and you wheeze.

"l-let-let go U-Unl-less y-yoU w-want a-anot-ther h-hole in y-yoUr torso."

Re: Secure_


You’re taken completely aback by her lifting off with those wings, propelling herself upward and forcing you to catch yourself with a well-timed roll to stop from slamming face-first into the wall. You recover as quickly as your already faltering stamina allows, getting back into a position where you’re planted firmly on your palms and knees but still very-much tracking her location with your bleary eyes and honed ears.

She’s asking you a question but you don’t care enough to listen to it. Your toes curl into the floor as you ready up your strength, taking only seconds before you’re charging forward again towards her. Legends of Tergaiais and the Song of The End are filling your thoughts and drowning out most of your coherent planning, flashing scriptures and images behind your eyes that make focusing on anything else horrendously difficult. Without a second thought you leap, springing off of the railing and latching strong fingers into the hips and stomach of the flying being.

Tergaiais must be smiling at me—
if she favors me enough to fight a being like you!

You hiss between slashes, struggling to keep your grip and climb to her wings. You needed to take them out. Your hands find feathers at her back and you start pulling, mindless in your fervor of scratching and tugging.

This girl just doesn’t let up, for someone seeking refuge to recover she’s sure hell bent on destroying herself in the process. At least that’s what it seems like to you when, without hesitation, she comes at you once more, launching herself off the railing. It’s a three story drop, and if she were paying any attention to your expression it was one of deep regret and panic.

You’re revealed when she grabs hold of your middle, but it doesn’t last long. She’s climbing up your front, and you try to push her back down, growling.

"terga- iais….? dear, what ever do yoU mean a being like me?"

You lower yourselves about a flight before she managed to grab at the back of your wings, at te very base. You freeze, tensing up and making an involuntary squawking noise. You only found out within the past month just how sensitive that area of your back was, or how easy it was to harm yourself there if handled roughly, and this was not a pleasant reminder. 

"g-get off, no, sto-stop! i fUcking said STOP!"

You continue squawking, in pain and alarm. Your wings flap wildly, keeping you from lowering yourselves any more but doing a poor job of keeping you airborne correctly. Your pushing become fists beating down against her shoulders and back, and your legs attempting to kick out at her legs. You don’t even pay attention to how you’re flying now, and after a few more confusing seconds of airborne squabbling, you run yourself right into the railing of the second floor.

You smack your head fairly hard, your wings beat against the rail for a pathetic moment or two, finding no way to keep you both airborne, and with her claws now digging into the base of your wings you’re squawking is yelps of pain. You can’t keep yourselves elevated, and you both drop to the ground floor with a hard thunk.

Re: Secure_


You weren’t expecting the wings. You were just about on top of the strange girl when her wings materialized and sent you flying backward. All attempts to stop yourself with your feet proved futile as they were completely slippery and only aided in your momentum. You go toppling back, shoulders and head cracking against the supporting beams of the railing and stopping you from flying out over the edge. Again your heart starts fluttering and you’re left momentarily gasping for breath, your hand shooting up to apply pressure to the now soaking wet patch of wrap just above the wound.

You cough, unable to breathe and unable to think. You can see her, just barely through the blur of your eyes, but something wasn’t right. Those wings. You were trying to process it. Why did she have those wings? Alternian. Target was Alternian.



Your mind was spinning and now, suddenly, years of teaching of Tergaiais were flooding through your head and clouding your actual thoughts. You let out a low growl, tossing yourself forward back on to your hands, knees, and toes, prepping to get back towards her. With something half-way between a shout and a roar you launch forward again, figuring out your plan. You were going to grab the wings and use them to keep in close, use them to ground yourself to her and bring your feet into it. If you could incapascitate her you could kill her while she was unable to fight back. You needed to get the upper hand.


The wings did what you wanted them to, and you almost can’t believe your luck as she is not only thrown back but thrown such a distance you manage to get back on your feet and turn toward her. Your wings spread out, showing off your wingspan in an attempt to intimidate her enough to keep her there rather than lunging after you.

"yoU need to stop. yoU’re only hUrting yoUrself, dear."

You’re glad you re-wrapped her former wounds as well as you did but you wonder if she’d be down from blood loss already if you hadn’t. She looks like she’s having a rough time just trying to breath, let alone staying on her feet. If this fight continued like it was… well, no, no you know exactly how to stop that.

There’s an odd look that plays across her features, she’s staring at you with… almost recognition? And once again, she’s throwing herself to the floor to lunge at you. Not this time, though. You take into the air, wings propelling you upward faster than you could ever just float. With a few quick flaps you’re over her, then right over the railing. You’re not going to give her the opportunity to get in any more attacks. But you were going to try and keep her attention too, you didn’t want her attacking Fives.

"sorry dear, not this time! now, are yoU going to calm down so we can talk this oUt or are you jUst going to throw a fit over there?"

You call out, letting yourself float for the most part, occasionally flapping at a slow pace. You wave your wand in a less-than-threatening manner, but one that clearly indicated you planned to still use it at some point. A way of saying you now had the upper hand but you didn’t mean harm. You just wanted her to stand down.