i tried, i also tried laying down and jUst resting, neither really worked.

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∫ - Vapor.

Hm. I’ll need to search prior records. If you are referring to the initial encounter with Fulgore as soon as Davesprite received the Creamsicle model then I will need to do some further research.

There are several possibilities, but it is likely that whatever it was, was extremely acidic in nature. That in of itself would cause several issues with the two machines that were present in the area.

yes! that woUld be the one. to retrieve fUlgore when he went missing. 

i’m not sUre if it was effecting fUlgore, admitably. jUst that it had ds down Until we got oUt into the open.

… woUld acidic vapoUr caUse damage to skin? or jUst damage if breathed in? i gUess it doesn’t matter mUch now bUt i’m cUrioUs what that stUff even was. or where it came from. thoUgh thinking aboUt the corrosive ammUnition i’m not sUre i shoUld be sUrprised it was a thing.

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∫ - It is worth noting that this only applies to the trolls of this particular timeline. For other trolls, such as one Makara that frequents the facility that the Miss inhabits, the toxin seems to have soporific effects towards him. However much extensive research has been done on the live test subjects sent to the facility in Davesprite’s time in the 1920s era, and their effects have been shown to be more than effective on the Alternians of the timeline.

Regardless, I would not recommend taking a whiff. Davesprite cares for you quite a bit, and were something to happen to you I imagine he would be crushed.

oh, oh don’t worry aboUt that. i have no intention of getting near the stUff if i can help it. bUt that reminds me… specifically the bit aboUt the makara.

did the green vapoUr we foUnd with fUlgore ever get identified? i apologize if that is not something that coUld have been done given the sitUation, bUt i’m not sUre if yoU coUld have ran an analysis on the vapoUr that messed with the creamsicle’s sUit ventilation system. at least i think that’s what happened back then? u-u;

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∫ - Allow me to expound upon the origins of this designation. During the Creamsicle model’s brief run, Miss GLaDOS had come across an interesting discovery, as I’m sure Davesprite did during his combat. The Neurotoxin she used was extremely lethal towards Alternians of this particular timeline. It traveled through their systems at an alarming rate, causing the toxins to damage the lungs and brains and making them turn to slush within seconds.

Using this data, an attempt to make a scaled down replixa of the Neurotoxin Generator within the facility went underway. And of course, it was a resounding success.
Within the chest cavity of The Harvester is the small scale generator, where the plant species used to make the neurotoxin are grown. From there, various forms of defensive measures are able to be implemented throughout the rest of the body, including sprays, gasses, and the ever effective Neurotoxin Grenades. All of these being much more potent than the minimally weaker toxins put into the last suit. This gas is easily able to incapacitate a human on a permanent basis, and an Alternian fighting in this war would fare much worse. It’s lethality is to be admired. 

That being said, the generator being stored in the machine also acts as a decent defensive measure. If the suit becomes heavily damaged, especially in the chest area, it will leak the pure spores and fumes directly from the plants themselves. Not only would this cause severe pain and likely death, but it might also turn the corpses into a new ‘generator’ for the plants, allowing it to grow within them and spread to new areas, namely their bodies.

One wouldn’t want to be too close to The Harvester under particularly combat heavy situations.
At least until proper repairs could be made or a temporary patch be called for.

I hope this information finds itself useful to you.

UsefUl and kept note of, oh goodness ouo;

that is a great deal less gorey than i had imagined, bUt interesting all the same.

so… nUrotoxin is more effective against trolls than hUmans? i… did not know this. and i will keep this in mind.

i also didn’t know nUrotoxin came from plants, thoUgh, i’m not… very good with science-y things uwu;;;;

thank yoU, jarvis!

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timaeuscreamsicle replied to your post: U_U
whats the matter calliepie

admitably anxiety is finally starting to set in.

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it’s hard to focUs on yoUr train of thoUght when yoUr sUroUndings want to change with yoUr memories.