and we can’t participate in contests till we have a contest pass….. ; n ;

actUally, withoUt a pokeblock case i gUess we really coUldn’t. nevermind u_u

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t-there’s a contest hall in rUstboro!!!


it’s occoUred to me if even half the costUme ideas that we’ve both had or had sUggested to Us get Used i’m going to have to cast some magical girl transformation grey charm or something becaUse there’s no way anything bUt a qUick-change woUld sUffice.

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Give me your heart on Valentine’s Day.

I don’t mean this metaphorically in the slightest. Please, rip your heart from your chest and give it to me in a hastily wrapped gift box. This is the only way to win my affection.

many apologies for my absence the past two days.
(especially to calysoth, dear, i’m terribly sorry ;n;)

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((I need to do stuff in the morning for sure. That long list thing is one of them))

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((Many apologies I was pretty busy today))

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Oh, I’m sorry dear! I didn’t mean to bring stuff like that up or upset you or anything, my bad, I really am sorry….

it’s fine bUt… jUst please don’t do it again. i know bro’s a prat. he isn’t ever going to stop being a prat bUt… please don’t. don’t ever… don’t… okay?
… i’m not mad at yoU or anything bUt i do think i’m going to go back to sleep.
i need it. 

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