I’m sure she would manage just fine against your whole team but if you’re gonna be a stickler on fairness I guess I can’t change your mind on that

I’ll definitely be up for it later tonight though, sure thing

oh she woUld, valentine and pUzzles jUst… jUst aren’t mUch for fighting yet, and then there’s the type advantage on valentine hoo hoo. dark trUmps psychic by a long shot, even with the fairy type there. trUst me, i know, my baby girl took down the kalos leagUe champion’s mega gaUrdivior all on her own and she’s a dark type. so basically…. they woUldn’t last two minUtes, i’m sUre of it. newt maybe. he’s… he’s…. ehm…. hmm. newt is newt. not really not a fighter bUt not really mUch a listener either. he’s leveled Up well enoUgh thoUgh.

gUtsy thoUgh, she likes to fight, and is good at it. i think between them things will go at least to the point neither is very one-sided.

so yes! later tonight~
so which Universe shoUld we hold oUr battle in?
or shoUld we wait till then to see where we all are?

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Wanna see how our respective squads are doin’

You n’ me, one on one. Your whatevers against my Mutt.

yes i do, i think that woUld be lovely.
bUt not this morning.
like i said, i’m not tired bUt the pokemon are.

that said later today maybe?
i’ll Use gUtsy, she’s… probably the only one who’d give yoU a rUn for yoUr money.
she’s a taillow, by the way, one of the little blUe birds.

yoU do mean one-on-one as in one pokemon against one, and not yoUr dear mUtt against my whole team, right?

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sis and bro are already asleep in the tent.

i’m not tired.
i think.

pokemon are thoUgh so i gUess there isn’t mUch more to do.

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Half these things look mangy as all hell

as mUch as i hate to agree, yeah. they’re all kind of really aggressive. i mean they’re pokemon, they fight, i get that. bUt holy miltank it is getting a little redicUloUs.

bUt that isn’t the reason i’m hesitant. 

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to be honest i’m hesitent aboUt catching more pokemon.

9 hours ago | 4

half hoUr break, pUzzles needs a center u_u;;
bro, yoU and sis don’t wonder off too far okay?

13 hours ago | 1

well, bbl, got some training to do. gUts is jUst Under the fifteen level limit (is that still a thing?) bUt pUzzles, valentine and newt need to catch Up. see yoU all in a bit!

14 hours ago | 1

"It has an aggressive nature. It stabs prey with its long, narrow mouth to drain the prey’s fluids."
beaUtifly’s pokedex entry…. gUess i was wrong. never say never!

18 hours ago | 3


if people are going to insist then i SUPPOSE i will not make grah’nshogg eat any flesh.

thank yoU!
wUrmple eat plants, leaves and berries are good for that. there’s also pokemon food that can be boUght in the town.

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pen sketches of random pokemon!

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