((leaving for the con! ill ave pics))

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but my brother and i are together, and so i am content

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Pokemon Spooky Party merch line up announced!

Release date is September 6th in all Pokemon Centers in Japan.

So much cute stuff!

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i found that picture floating around on my pc

seriously check out my baby!!

beep beep sweetie!


//OOC note: Amazing commission done by Marwan Islami. Commision that person. They are the best! Commish i ordered together with Spicy//

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the past few months have shown me that i need to be prepared for a wide range of situations


this is just another step towards my final solution

((shitneverletmesleeppostagainnnn goodnight))

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==>Callie: Wait wasn’t it Wednesday?

Your name is Callie O. Strider and you are, at this moment, one impatient motherfucker. Actually, no, you’re very patent. You’ve waited the week you’ve been taunted with to take action, waiting and waiting until Wednesday, Wednesday, always Wednesday. You guess it’s better than waiting the extra day like your aggressor, Cal, aka Pseudoumbrage, had wished you to. At least there is that. Your Sweepiversery still had hope! Yet here you are, pacing back and forth in front of your computer, half tempted to attempt to teleport to Hell yourself. That was certain to end in temporary death but for god’s sake! You’ve been waiting for hours.

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((jeeze why do i always lose my muse to write whenever i get home? =n=
anyhoo, heads up, there’s a long post in the sometime this morning future.))

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(( sssooooo as some of you guys know, we’re hitting a con this weekend :U unfortunately it falls smack dab in the middle of long plotty threads and the like, so in the coming week expect a lot of ‘in the past’ threads.
That said if I can get aproval for certain ideas there may just be a long plot drabble later this morning ;U so do watch out.))

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