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Class Act


Her reaction to the weapon was fairly average for anyone who actually knew anything about guns or revolvers. When Droog first tried showing it to Davesprite, the reaction was less than appropriate, but also fairly expected of him as well. At least Callie seemed to realize that this was a weapon to be feared if given to incapable hands.

However Droog had a pretty good feeling that she’d do just fine with it.

When she says she doesn’t realize what it’ll do, he quirks a brow for a moment, before turning away and heading off in a new direction, hands firmly planted in his pockets as he went.

That’s more or less the general idea. Anything the bullet comes into contact with is gonna start meltin’ away like it was made of ice or somethin’. All in all a pretty dangerous fuckin’ weapon, especially considerin’ the size of those bullets will already pierce through most kinds of armor you could imagine”
He smirked a moment, glancing back at the weapon in her grasp.
Chances are those bullets are gonna be flyin’ through multiple layers of armor and skin, eatin’ away at every single one of em as they go”

His steps were long and fluid as he moved, keeping a brisk pace as he walked and certainly not seeming relaxed in the slightest. It was a very business sort of walk, fitting for someone that carried themselves in the way that he did. Wherever he was going, it was quite a bit of distance away from the theatre, almost off towards the edge of the Eastern Boneyards themselves. He either had something specific he was searching for, or wanted to be as far away from the Imperial Forces in the center of town as possible. 

Got your last little test comin’ up here
Nothin’ too fancy but I wanna see how good ya are at coverin’ wide areas
You any good at multitaskin’?”

He turns to leave, and you quickly follow, still holding the gun carefully. Well you now understand why he needed to find a special chamber if it could melt through armor, but it posed a rather big, important question.

"if it melts everything like ice how does anyone reload it? if i can pick Up the ammo with spacepowers i’m not too worried aboUt myself bUt in general how woUld one even get sUch dangeroUs things inside here?"

You give it one more glance over before adding the 460XVR to a blank card in your strife deck. You had to take two steps for every one of his, but you were never one for striding. Still, you keep up with him, though you forgo memorizing your environment. Too much to take in at once, you’re bound for lost if you don’t stay close. It seemed like the buildings were thinning, the edge of the city.

Oh, oh dear.

"well, soUnds like i’m going to have to be."

That wasn’t really an answer, but it was more because… well. You didn’t know. Taking on a lot on your own doesn’t happen often enough to know. And typically, if you’ve been largely outnumbered in the past, you had someone fighting with you. Your brother, or even your Absol. Still, you were going to try. 

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I think I’d feel more at ease if we got closer

Problem is we can’t go around because Conowingo is actually a location for a dam. AKA the constructs they’re buildin? ‘S the only way we’d be gettin’ across.
And while I’m sure we could fly, it’d depend on how high because I know for a fact at least one of their soldiers was capable of some aerial shit.

This is actually turnin’ out to be more of a crapshoot than I thought it would be, christ
I guess gettin’ to this base ain’t exactly necessary but I can’t shake the feelin’ that we wanna give it a more thorough look for some reason

haa, well, i was kind of expecting that. typically everyone’s reaction to sUggestions like that. uwu;

anyway, as far as how high… well, i… hmm. i can fly pretty high, bUt i’m slow, which may be a problem if there is an aerial soldier… Unless we coUld somehow go Unnoticed?

and hey! don’t doUbt yoUr gUt. sometimes yoU’ve jUst got to trUst yoUrself that there’s a reason. i mean… toast ended Up there? maybe there’s something there?
something we’d find UsefUl or important.

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Ain’t nothin’ that hasn’t been mentioned before

I’m sure you’re familiar with the name Conowingo
Or well maybe not ya tend to jump around a lot
Long story short it’s where the kid got his arm broken a month or so ago

And its where he and Calamari barely got out of alive a couple weeks back so she could get her new body

It ain’t a good place to head to

oooh, yeah, i’m familiar with conowingo. … do they have any flying tech or soldiers who’d go after Us if we flew over?

obvioUsly we have no bUisness getting anywhere near that place, bUt over or aroUnd?

at the very least i can spacial teleport Us bUt i’m not experienced enoUgh to go a long distance withoUt leaving something behind, and once there i’d need to respawn so i’m not limping aroUnd with half a leg or something and that’s something i’m not sUre yoU want to see or feel responsible over. that said, becaUse that was the only place i sUccessfUlly pUlled off a non-lethal, non-maiming apparation i *know* i coUld get there again. the catch is yoU’d need to let me captchalog yoU for a bit or else yoU’d end Up in the same boat minUs the ability to respawn :U

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timaeuscreamsicle replied to your post: U_U okay i may be a little antsy.
I don’t mind checkin’ that place out if you really think we can get there but I’m worried about a place that happens to be in the way early on

oh! dear i wasn’t trying to badger yoU aboUt that.

i was jUst agreeing to yoUr statement that i seem antsy is all. U_U;

however, if yoU don’t mind my asking, what are yoU worried aboUt?

yoU’ve been vagUe thUs far so if it’s something yoU’d rather not share online give me a bit and i’ll speak with yoU in person.

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okay i may be a little antsy.

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Shiny Slurpuff

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